1. nice ud. sikkrem vanthu kutti kondu po vikram.pavam yamini..eppadi thaniyaka samalikka pogiralo?avargalin iyalpana seiyalkale avargalidam oru nesam,and pasathai velipaduthavathu romba alagu…


  2. Mam the love developing between Vikram and Yamini is so sweet. But Vikram leaving Yamini in Lanka and moving to Germany is so painful for me itself . Now only they two are realizing their love ❤ though this gap is expected one it’s so emotional to read and made me to shed tears for them. How Yamini is going to manage without Vikram? Hmmmm a woman’s real happiness lies in her husband’s part. If he is so caring and lovable then she can see the heaven in earth itself. Vikram is rocking in this regard. I wondered how fast he gave his cellphone to Chandhana when he was playing with Yamini in the seashore.And the last part of update he asking Yamini to pass the test in the first attempt itself tells his pure love for her and Chandhana. What is next ? This is running in my mind mam. So eagerly waiting for your next update mam.


  3. Woww nithakka unga hero la enku vikram rompaaaa pudchurku semma yenna oru character phaaa chance ah ila…i really enjoyed ur writing way😍😍😍😍 kadhaiya sekram mudikka koodathu solten


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